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Truck Camper on a hill in Squamish, British Columbia with a mountain backdrop

Stuck Abroad

Who we are...

We're a rustic way of travelling. We're not rolling around in the best money can buy. We're our own unique creation. It's something like spontaneity meets crazy-weird, with a whole lot of ambition and a hint of stubbornness.

Can we afford a nice reliable camper van? - No.

Can we afford a camper that won't crush our truck or fall apart in a month? - Not really.

But can we talk ourselves into just building one ourselves? - Heck yeah, why not. How about make it a pop-up too, how hard could it even be?!

A misty day on beach at Raft Cove, Vancouver Island.

Tomorrow's a mystery for us and it's exactly how we like it. It's from the spontaneity that we learn and the 'why not' attitude that gets us there. Embarking on all sorts of adventures we didn't even know were ahead of us, while meeting people from all walks of life along the way.

A writer once told us the importance of writing down one's stories. "When someone passes away they can leave with so many untold stories... So many amazing memories that no one will ever know, because they didn't have an opportunity to share them with other people."

So to make sure we don't do the same, here are our some of our stories.

Rustic DIY truck camper
Adobe Sketch of truck camper in the wilderness.PNG
Camping on the beach at Nels Bight, Vancouver Island
MSR Tent views at Berg Lake Trail, BC
Boulders during a mountain hike, Needle Peak, BC
Sunrise cloud inversion at Fernie Alpine Resort, BC
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