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Backcountry Camping Checklist

The Bare Essentials

  • Food (snacks and meals) - we'd love to go full Bear Grylls on our adventures, but sometimes a quick an easy soup is the way to go. Don't forget a can opener if you bring tinned food!

  • Cutlery - even Bear Grylls takes a pocket knife.

  • Bowls/plates - we use the collapsible ones because they're a dream to pack.

  • Camping Stove & Fuel (gas) - isobutane is the current way to go. Propane canisters are so much heavier!

  • Lighter - might need one for starting your stove and starting a fire (if permitted)

  • Clothes - you choose how smelly you want to be on that last day.

  • Water purifier - no need to bring 10L of water if you've got fresh water out there.

  • Hand sanitiser - come on now, 2020 taught us all this. Pack it in.

  • Portable charger and cords - maybe not essential for some but we love photography and capturing moments out there.

  • Hard copy map - if your electronics let you down you need to know where to go.

  • Sunsmart things - Slip slop slap on that sunscreen and bring that hat which also keeps any rain out your eyes.

  • Sleeping bag

  • Tent/Hammock - you could be brave and just do the sleeping bag, but don't forget the bugs...

  • Toiletries - definitely toothbrushes and toothpaste. Dental hygiene is important out in the woods, we ain't grizzlies out here.

  • Sleeping mats - but before you pack this where are you sleeping? The beach? Because sand is pretty comfy and you can even shape a pillow in the sand before you pitch your tent. Liz and I have even ditched them when sleeping on wooden camping pads. Was that worth the lighter pack? Depends on if enjoy getting a dead arm/leg/hips every so often... But the hike was quicker and the sleep shorter!

  • Animal deterrents - can't say there are many hikes I have done (even short ones) where I haven't at least my bear spray or airhorn.

  • Bug spray - I love the outdoors, but anything that bites me or can crawl into my ear isn't coming close to me.

  • First aid kit - touchwood you don't need it, but don't forget it!

  • Toilet paper - if you're going out in the backcountry you're not going to want to forget this one.

The Glitz and the Glamour

  • Coffee things - you tell me if you NEED it or not in the morning. Essential in some cases. We understand. We take our coffee percolator with us when we need more than sleep.

  • Head torches - We generally pack ours, but with a portable charger and phones we usually survive just fine.

  • Fire things - if permitted maybe you want to bring some fire lighters, paper or even dry wood if you're keen.

  • Aluminium foil - if having a fire this is a super easy and fun way to do some cooking!

  • Fire cooking utensils - if you're bringing foil to cook maybe bring something to be able to get the food before it bursts into flames.

  • Camping lights - if need anymore light e.g. a lantern for the tent.

  • Gloves - nights get cold, even in the summer. Maybe you're venturing around glaciers or maybe you're planning on taking incredible snapshots of the clear (icy) night sky.

  • Towel - if you're swimming and it's not warm it's probably a good option. Can double as a blanket if not used.

  • Biodegradable soap - maybe ask whoever is in your tent before you leave this one out.

  • Deodorant - again... maybe ask who you're sharing a tent with before you head out.

  • Pillow - If you have the very very bare essentials clothes then maybe bring a pillow. Other than that just roll up some clothes or stuff some socks (preferably clean) in your sleeping bag's bag. We love multi purpose stuff out here!

  • Wet wipes - no shower or lake/ocean to swim in? No worries.

  • Camping stools or chairs - some rocks are pretty good to sit on too

  • Camping table - can't say I'd bring it on a hike, but maybe for car camping.

  • Sunglasses

  • Tarp and rope - if you need some extra shelter for potential rain or sun.

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