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So we've decided we need SOME order. The amount of times we've gotten way too far to turn back and realised we've forgotten something... countless times. Food but no cutlery, water containers but not full of water. It's been liveable, but not ideal. So to help you not make the same mistakes we've got a couple of lists, done our way - The rustic way.

The bare essentials - It's all about the journey. The scenery you take it, the wildlife you encounter, but let's face it, sometimes the journey is tough. Sometimes you just want to get to the destination pronto and with minimal pains especially if you're hiking across some sketchy terrain. So we've decided sometimes you want to be the minimalist. You'll move faster, have more energy at the destination and if you're anything like Lizzie, you get a big kick out of overtaking people who got going before you. So this is the first part of all our lists. If glamour camping isn't why you're out there, or you hate packing then this part is all you'll need!

The glitz and the glamour - Do we ever get this far into packing? Rarely. Usually we're minimalists because we NEED to move fast. Why? Because we probably slept in and have already spent too long packing and now we have to make up lost ground. But ever so often we'll be organised and go the extra mile. Is this probably a normal part of most people's checklists? Probably 95% of the time, but we'll let you make the choice.

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