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Food on the Road

Food on the road can be complicated, but that's usually the problem. Don't make it complicated! At the same time it doesn't need to be bland and boring. Having the ability to cook anywhere you want is a blessing. It's one of our favourite things when it comes to living like a Nomad. Breakfast, lunch or dinner with a view of your choice. That's the life we enjoy. The other beautiful thing, it's still budget friendly despite having the atmosphere of a fancy seaside restaurant.

Cooking on the wood fire with food in aluminium foil, on a pebble beach - Campbell River, BC

Don't get us wrong, we love to try out local eateries and support local businesses. No washing up afterwards, time to charge up devices and there's a chance to eat things you may not be able to cook e.g. something that requires an oven! However, we know when on the road your budget isn't necessarily your best friend, so hopefully we can make you stretch it as much as you can.

No matter your set up there's a way to make you look forward to your next home cooked meal. No fridge or cooler/esky, no problem. We still have no power in our camper (other than 12V outlets in the car) and have survived without a fridge far better than we thought. Keep well stocked up on pantry essentials, other non perishables and stick to purchasing fruit, vegetables around the time you'll have them (or when available) and you'll still eat like the royals. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by how much longer fruit and veg lasts when shopping local and in season - which is why we love visiting farmers markets all summer long!

Organic kale from a farmers market

When it comes to actually cooking we have some classic go tos like our one pot meals when we want something simple and easy to clean, but of course is still delicious and nutritious! Not to mention we have become pros at adapting to what we have available, so don't expect an exact list of ingredients or precise measurements. It's just simple and rustic with us.

Check out some of our foodie tips on the road

Pantry Essentials - the must haves at all time! Some basic foods we always have with us and what we always carry in our spice racks to make simple meals tasty and moreish.

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