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One Pot - (Kinda) Fried Rice

Keep it as simple as you'd like or pick up a variety of veggies fit for the queen. Choose the rice you'd like (cooking time will be be different on the rice e.g. parboiled will cook faster if you're hungry) and find yourself some soy sauce to your taste. Usually we will sauté vegetables before doing rice, but if none of your choice vegetables need to be thoroughly cooked simply do the rice and add vegetables in afterwards and stir through while still hot.


  • Rice - white, brown, wild. Any will do, just keep in mind coking time.

  • Soy Sauce - light or regular depending on the flavour you want.

  • Water - enough to cover the rice.

  • Canola oil (or whatever oil you prefer)

  • Garlic - finely diced. Choose the amount of cloves depending on taste.

  • Onion (1)

Additional vegetables - choose what you want (or are limited to) and the quantity. Here are some veggies we put in...

  • Carrot (we usually use 1-2) 

  • Peas

  • Corn - regular corn or baby corn

  • Green onion 

  • Bell pepper/capsicum

  • Mushrooms


  1. Grab your pot of choice and put it over a medium-high heat on a stovetop. Add enough oil to cover bottom of the pot.

  2. Sauté your onion with other vegetables (starting with what you want cooked longer). We add onions and carrots to begin with, and add mushrooms at the end of the sauté process. Note - some vegetables we won't cook like bell peppers because we like them as a fresh and juicy add.

  3. Add in garlic and spices (pepper, chilli flakes and salt - keep in mind you'll add soy sauce later so not too much salt) to taste during sauté process.

  4. Remove vegetables into a bowl (one you'll use for eating)

  5. Add rice into same pot as before and add in only enough water to cover rice. Cook rice over a medium heat until water has been absorbed and evaporated. If necessary add in more water if rice is far from cooked through, but don't add too much to begin with!

  6. Add vegetables back into pot with rice, followed by soy sauce to taste (we usually add enough to lightly colour all the rice).

  7. Stir vegetables through rice and cook until rice is desirably cooked.

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