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Little Slocan, Gimli Peak, Slocan Lake - July 2020

So did we learn from our lesson along Gray Creek pass? Sort of. Did we complete our previous journey with no information about the road from other people? Well, yes. But this time was different! A friend of ours we ran into around Crawford Bay told us of a great place to do a hike and check out some mountain goats, plus the road was apparently in good condition, just with a few shallow and wide drainage cutouts. Sounds great, right?

Well after 90-something drainage cutouts we quit driving. You can't really catch a break in forestry roads in mountainous areas in British Columbia. Gimli peak was no different. Steep drop offs along the road the whole climb up and a very slow ascend we had. To help with the water runoff there was a good 90+ cut outs in the road, most of which we couldn't tackle straight on in our truck. It was a bumpy last switchback turn we made before Liz pulled the plug. "We can walk from here!" So we did... after we found enough rocks to wedge all 4 tires so we didn't roll off the rather steep incline we parked on. An extra 2km we covered before our 10km hike (with a healthy 1000m of elevation gain) even began. Nonetheless we made it to the ridge, but to our disappointment none of one the infamous goats came out to play. On a positive note however, we somehow made the journey out of the forestry roads and back out onto the highway via the 98ish drainage cutouts we were dreading all hike long.

Map of Western Canada with a route drawn on it
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